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Walder Science is dedicated to providing robust STEM resources everyday to keep children learning and engaged in and out of school. Below you will find the following resources daily, including science videos, math videos, and a riddle. Please remember to REFRESH this webpage each time you access it to make sure you see all the latest resources.

Monday, October 26 Daily Learning Resources

Wire Buzzer Game

After School Science: 10-26-2020

Astronomy 14: Orion Nebula

Power of Soap:Experiment 2

Click here for Power of Soap 2 Handout

Riddle: 3 Lights

Sunday, October 25 Daily Learning Resources


What Makes a Good Mirror?

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #1

Grades 1-6

Internal Reflection

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #2

Grades 1-6

Spoon Reflection

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #3

Grades 1-6

Morphed Image

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #4

Grades 1-6


Super Science Sunday: Experiment #5

Grades 1-3


Super Science Sunday: Experiment #5

Grades 4-6

Thursday, October 22 Daily Learning Resources

Astronomy 13: Horsehead Nebula


Science: Blueberry Indicator

Blueberry Indicator Worksheet     Grades 4-8 

Power of Soap: Experiment 1

Click here For Soap Experiment 1 Handout

Color Part 2: Light Scattering

Color Part 2 Light Scattering Handout with Questions Grades 3-8

Wednesday, October 21 Daily Learning Resources

DIY Buzzer

After School Science: 10-21-2020

Astronomy 12: Triangulum Galaxy

Science of Flight 1: Weighing Air

Aviation 01 Weighing Air Handout

Math: Even and Odd Numbers

Tuesday, October 20 Daily Learning Resources

Astronomy 11: Tarantula Nebula

 Hygroscopic Material 

Hygroscopic Material Handout



Science: Cabbage Indicator

Cabbage Indicator Worksheet


Monday, October 19 Daily Learning Resources

Three Colored LED

After School Science: 10-19-20

Astronomy 10: Crab Nebula

Color Reflection & Absorption 

Color Reflection and Absorption Handout with Questions Grades 1-5

Science: Sound Vibrations

Kazoo Sounds Handout

Sunday, October 18 Daily Learning Resources

Newton's First Law

 Cups and Pennies

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #1

Grades 1-6

Pennies and Paper Strip 

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #2

Grades 1-6

 Golf Ball and Water Bottles

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #3

Grades 1-6

Golf Ball vs Plastic Golf Ball

Super Science Sunday: Experiment #4

Grades 4-6

Thursday, October 15 Daily Learning Resources

Astronomy 9: M45 Pleides - Kimah

Riddle: 3 Digit Combo

Riddle: Bucket Part 2

Science: Leaf Shapes

Click here for Leaf Shapes Handout

Wednesday, October 14 Daily Learning Resources

 Circuit Types and Diagrams

After School Science: 10-14-2020

Science Video: Density 

Density: The Thin Blue Line Handout

Bubble Foam Maker

Bubble Foam Handout

Riddle: Screw Driver 15


Tuesday, October 13 Daily Learning Resources


Riddle: Block Weights

Spinning Button

Spring Coil Waves 2

Click here for Spring Coil Waves 2 Handout

Food Science: Banana Ice Cream

Click here for Banana Ice Cream Handout

Monday, October 12 Daily Learning Resources


Newton's 3rd Law: Spinning Balloon

Click here  for Spinning Balloon Worksheet

Riddle: Equation Digits


Latent Fingerprints

Early Childhood Science: Grades N-3

Bag Ice Cream

Click here for Bag Ice Cream Handout

Thursday, October 8 Daily Learning Resources

 Astronomy 8: Discovery of Nova N Sgr 2020 No 04


Riddle: Sticks 3

Spring Coil Waves - Part 1

Click here for Spring Coil Waves 1 Handout

Picking Up Ball With No Hands

Wednesday, October 7, Daily Learning Resources


Astronomy 7: Lynx Quasar

Math Riddle: Make 8

A Splash of Colors

Diffusion through a Semipermeable Membrane

Click here for Diffusion Handout

Tuesday, October 6 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Buckets

Mixing Colors

Click here for Mixing Colors Worksheet

Homemade Soda

Click here for Homemade Soda Handout

Painting with Sunscreen

Early Childhood Science: Grades N-K

Monday, October 5 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Congruent Shapes

Yeast Experiment 1

Click here for Yeast Experiment 1 Handout

Camera Obscura

Click here for Camera Obscura Handout

Penny in a Balloon

Click here for Penny in a Balloon Handout

Thursday, October 1 Daily Learning Resources

Science of Flight 15: Shape of a Wing

Click here for Aviation 15 Shape of a Wing Handout

Newton's First Law: Video 4

Click here  for Newton's First Law Worksheet 4

Riddle: Make 8

Math Video: Angle Types

Wednesday, September 30 Daily Learning Resources


DIY Earphones

After School Science: Lesson 5


Melting Point Depression

Click here for Melting Point Depression Handout

Fingerprint Patterns

Early Childhood Science: Grades N-3

Weather 3: Tornado in a Bottle

Early Childhood Science: Grades N-3

Tuesday, September 29 Daily Learning Resources

Math: The Fibonacci Sequence

Newton's First Law: Video 3

Click here for Newton's First Law Worksheet 3

Walking Colors

Early Childhood


Science of Flight 14: Bernoulli Magnus Flier

Click here for Bernoulli Magnus Flier Handout

Thursday, September 24 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Number Phrase

Astronomy 6: Running Man Nebula

Motion 1: Rotations and Revolutions

Click here for Motion 1 Handout

Newton's First Law: Video 2

Click here for  Newton's First Law Worksheet #2 (Grades 1-4)

Wednesday, September 23 Daily Learning Resources


Math Video: Triangle Sides

Newton's First Law: Video 1

Click here for Newton's First Law 1 Worksheet

Science of Baking 2: Volume and Weight

Colors 1

Tuesday, September 22 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Letter Equations

Friction 3: Balancing Spheres

Click here for Balancing Spheres Worksheet

Surface Area: Grades N-3

Click here for Surface Area Questions

Weather 2: Rain Formation

Early Childhood Science: Grades N-3

Monday, September 21 Daily Learning Resources

Math Video: Division

Astronomy 5: Mars Occultation