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Daily STEM Home Learning

Walder Science is dedicated to providing robust STEM resources everyday to keep children learning and engaged in and out of school. Below you will find the following resources daily, including science videos, math videos, and a riddle. Please remember to REFRESH this webpage each time you access it to make sure you see all the latest resources.

Tuesday, January 26, Daily Learning Resources 

Riddle: Buckets

 Sound in Water


Card Challenge

Monday, January 25 Daily Learning Resources

Food Science: Protein Plastic

After School Science: 01-25-2021



Acids & Bases: Goldenrod Paper


Astronomy: Discovery of Nova N Sgr 2020 No 04 

Static Electricity Butterfly

Thursday, January 21 Daily Learning Resources

Acids & Bases: Baking Soda,  Vinegar & Balloon

Math: Division

Bubble Foam Maker


 Air Cannon


Wednesday, January 20 Daily Learning Resources

States of Matter: Carbon Dioxide 

Early Childhood Science: 

Diffusion through a Semipermeable Membrane

Friction: Attached Books

Math: Diagonals

Tuesday, January 19 Daily Learning Resources

Science of Flight: Bottle Challenge 

Astronomy Series:  Solar Prominence

Acids and Bases: Blueberry Indicator

Math: Circle Inscribed in Square


Monday, January 18 Daily Learning Resources

Math: Binary Base 2

Friction: Lifting Bottles 

Weather: How a Thunderstorm is Formed

Early Childhood Science


Fridge Magnets 


Thursday, January 14 Daily Learning Resources

Wire Hanger Dong

Soap Power

Soap Power: Experiment 1

Soap Power: Experiment 2

Wednesday, January 13 Daily Learning Resources

Food Science: Emulsion and Dressings

After School Science: 01-13-2021

Area of a Rectangle

Newton's 3rd Law: Spinning Balloon 


Sound Waves: Bottled Music 


Tuesday, January 12 Daily Learning Resources



Astronomy: Andromeda Galaxy

Rocket Power 


Riddle: Even and Odd Numbers


Monday, January 11 Daily Learning Resources

Food Science: Fat Test

After School Science: 01-11-21

Acids and Bases: Cabbage Indicator

Riddle: Nine Dots



Newton's First Law

Thursday, January 7 Daily Learning Resources

Science of Flight : Helicopter Glider

Art Wiggle Pen

After School Science: 11-04-2020

Astronomy 19: Jupiter


Riddle: 3 Numbers


Wednesday, January 6 Daily Learning Resources

Food Science: Using A Roux Cheese Sauce

After School Science: 01-06-2020

AstronomyHamburger and Needle Galaxies

Penny in a Balloon

Ocular Dominance

Monday, January 4 Daily Learning Resources

Food Science: Oobleck and Thick Sauce with Cornstarch

After School Science: 01-04-2021

Click here for Instructions and Recipe

Astronomy: Oriani Galaxy

Air Pressure 4: Water Defying Gravity

 Math: Area and Perimeter

Sunday, January 3 Daily Learning Resources

Super Science Sunday: Newton's Third Law of Motion

Balloon Car

Car on Index Card


Spinning Water Cup

Spinning Balloon on Bendy Straw




Thursday, December 31 Daily Learning Resources

Math: Area of a Rectangle

Sun Prominences

Riddle: 3 Numbers

Fuzzy Fruit Reactions

Early Childhood Science

Wednesday, December 30 Daily Learning Resources


After School Science 

Food Science 02 Perfect Cookies

Click here for "The Perfect Cookies" Handout

Aviation 5: Parachute

Astronomy: Orion Nebula 

Riddle: Divide in Triangles

Tuesday, December 29 Daily Learning Resources

Spinning Button


Separating Water

Planet Relative Sizes

Riddle: 3 Lights

Monday, December 28 Daily Learning Resources

After School Science Experiment

Food Science 01 Sugar Test

Click here for "The Sugar Test" Handout

Temperature Change and Absorption

Early Childhood Science

Riddle: Forest

Cartesian Diver

Sunday, December 27 Daily Learning Resources

Super Science Sunday: Physical and Chemical Changes

  NaOH and Vinegar Reaction


Epsom Salt and Washing Powder - Dissolving

Epsom Salt and Washing Powder - Reacting

Baking Soda and Vinegar


 Thursday, December 24 Daily Learning Resources

 Diffusion through a Semipermeable Membrane


States of Matter 1: Fun with Oobleck

Early Childhood Science


Math: Even and Odd Numbers

Riddle:Three Digit Combo

Wednesday, December 23 Daily Learning Resources

 Air Pressure 3: Balloon in a Bottle

Aviation 4: Helicopter Glider

Astronomy: Mission to Fireworks Galaxy

Riddle: Squares

Tuesday, December 22 Daily Learning Resources

Air Cannon

Aviation 3: Air Pressure

Static Electricity Butterfly

Ealy Childhood Science

Riddle: Letter Equations