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Daily STEM Home Learning

With our children home in an effort to contain COVID-19, Walder Science is dedicated to providing you with robust STEM resources everyday to keep your children learning and engaged. Below you will find the following resources daily, starting Tuesday March 17, including science videos, math videos, and a riddle. Please remember to REFRESH this webpage each time you access it to make sure you see all the latest resources.
Those who submit the correct answers to any daily math challenge, riddle, or science questions to us by email at programs@walderlab.org will be entered into a raffle to win prizes each week! We encourage parents to help younger children work through the videos and challenges. You have until noon Sunday to email submissions for the previous week (next raffle deadline is Sunday, April 5). Please provide student's name, school, and grade level when submitting your answers. We look forward to hearing feedback by email to help us better meet your needs. 

Friday, April 3 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Screw Driver 15


Bubble Foam Maker

Bubble Foam Handout

Science Video: Density 

Density: The Thin Blue Line Handout

Color Part 2: Light Scattering

Color Part 2 Light Scattering Handout with Questions Grades 3-8

Thursday, April 2 Daily Learning Resources

Card Challenge

Card Cutting Challenge Handout

Riddle: Bucket Part 2

Color Reflection & Absorption 

Color Reflection and Absorption Handout with Questions Grades 1-5

 Planet Relative Sizes

Planet Relative Sizes Handout with Questions Grades 1-5

Wednesday, April 1 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Number Phrase 2

Math Video: Binary Base 2


Food Science: Banana Ice Cream

Food Science Banana Sorbet Handout

Science: Wave Modes and Nodes

Waves 03 Modes and Nodes Handout Grades 4-8

Tuesday, March 31 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Block Weights

Math Video: Magic Square

Spring Coil Waves: Part 2

Spring Coil Waves Part 2 Handout with Questions Grades 4-8

Science: Bag Ice Cream

Ice Cream in a Bag Handout

Monday, March 30 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Sticks Part 2


Math Video: Bar Graph

Science: Homemade Soda

Yeast Experiment 2 Homemade Soda Handout Grades 1-5 

Spring Coil Waves: Part 1

Spring waves 01 Handout with Questions

Friday, March 27 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Buckets

Math Video: Quantity Between

Science: Yeast Experiment 1

Yeast Experiment 1: Sugar & Warmth Handout Grades 1-5

Equatorial Sundial

Equatorial Sundial: Handout & Pattern Grades 3-8

Thursday, March 26 Daily Learning Resources

Math Video: Angle Types

Riddle: Congruent Shapes

Science: Diffusion

Diffusion Handout with Questions Grades 1-5

Newton's 3rd Law: Video 2

Spinning Cans Worksheet Grades 1-8

Wednesday, March 25 Daily Learning Resources

Math: The Fibonacci Sequence



Math Riddle: Make 8

Science: Newton's 3rd Law

Spinning Balloon Worksheet Grades 1-8

Science: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura Handout with Questions


Tuesday, March 24 Daily Learning Resources

Math Video:Triangle Sides

Riddle: Number Phrase

Science: Soap Power Experiment 2

Soap Power Handout 2


Newton's First Law: Video 4

Newton`s First Law Worksheet 4.docx

Monday, March 23 Daily Learning Resources

Science: Soap Power



Soap Experiment 1

Soap Power Handout 1

Math Video: Division

Riddle: Letter Equations

Friday, March 20 Daily Learning Resources

Science: Melting Point Depression

Melting point depression

Newton's First Law: Video 3

Newton's 1st Law Worksheet 3

Math Video: Diagonals

Riddle: Mothers & Daughters

Thursday, March 19 Daily Learning Resources


Math Video: Polyhedra

Riddle: Sticks

Newton's First Law: Video 2 

Worksheet Grades 1-4


Science: Surface Area Grades K-3

 Questions & Worksheet Grades 2-3

Wednesday, March 18 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle: Multiplying Organism

Math Video - Numbers 1-9

Science Video: Newton's First Law


Science Worksheet Grades 1-3 or 5-8

Tuesday, March 17 Daily Learning Resources

Riddle Video - Connect the Dots 

Math Video Pascal's Triangle

Science Video: Bottled Music

Bottled Music Handout


Science Questions for Sounds Waves

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