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Industrial Light & Color with Rabbi Weiner

WSC Israel’s Chanukah Super Science Light and Color

On December 18, the 3rd candle of Chanukah 5775, Rabbi Weiner presented “Chanuka Lights and Color” to an enthusiastic group of 25 youngsters from Modi’in in partnership with Batim Me’irim, then again on December 31st.

Middle School

After lighting the Chanukah candles we looked closely and noticed that the flames contain more than one color. This is the reason that we say “Borei me’orai ha’esh”) at Havdalah at the close of Shabbat.
We further explored how prisms break white light into the red to violet spectrum and did all sorts of activities breaking white to colors and adding colors of light to white.
From there we explored what would we see in the dark when the chemicals of Red, Green and Blue glow sticks were mixed together in varying ratios! The effect was spectacular and we all had a fun and en-lightening evening on Chanuka in the very city where the Chashmonaim started our rebellion against the Greeks!

Super Science Light and Color for Elementary Students

On December 31, Rabbi Weiner visited the Bareket Gan in Modi’in and presented Super Science programs of “Light and Color” to two extremely curious groups of 5-year olds. Each group had 15 boys and girls. We each used finger flashlights and CD discs to break white light into rainbow spectrums on the white board. Then, using Red, Green and Blue finger flashlights, we added all the colors on the board to produce white light! We wore spectacles in which we could see the light from bulbs separated into colors.
Using plastic colored filters of Red, Green and Blue, we learned about color absorption. When we projected a Red light through a Green filter, all were amazed that the board remained dark! And how did Rabbi Weiner instantaneously change the color of his robe from bright Red to black? Just have everybody look at him through a Green filter.
Finally, using Red, Green and Blue markers, we all drew intersecting lines on paper and studied the many colors produced at the line intersections and how the drawn figures change when viewed though different colored filters! A wonderful time was had by all and Rabbi Weiner was asked to return again with more fun science to learn.
Oh yes, he will!



ב׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ה (January 22, 2015)

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