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The Perfect Cake

Participants at Tuesday night’s presentation of The Perfect Cake delivered by Walder Kitchen Science pastry chef Sarelle Weiner had an extraordinary time learning about balancing fats, liquids, sugars, and flour proteins while endeavoring to produce a moist and delicious product! By the end of the session, our novice’s were decorating their individual cakes like artists.

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In addition to understanding the basics how to leaven physically (beating and whipping), biologically (yeast) and chemically (sodium bicarbonate – baking soda), tonight’s bakers learned about eggs build cake structure and act as emulsifiers mixing fats and water. Fats also encapsulate important leavening bubbles and retard gluten formation.

As an extra bonus, Sarelle shared her unique cake decorating talents as we waited for our cakes to come out of the oven.
Each participant took her lovely self – decorated home to family members avidly waiting to reap the benefits of the her newly learned skills!



ב׳ בשבט ה׳תשע״ה (January 22, 2015)

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