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Walder Science in dedicated to providing robust STEM resources to help children experience exciting science and math enrichment right from home.  Visit us each week to participate in short, engaging video lessons designed by credentialed educators. Activities are recommended for grades 1 – 6, but can be enjoyed by all ages! Please note that experiments should only be attempted under adult supervision. 

Raffle: Enter our weekly raffle by submitting a picture or a video replicating an experiment or answering the challenge question at the end of a video lesson or the accompanying handout. Earn an additional raffle ticket for every submission, with prizes ranging from gift cards to STEM kits! Click here to submit your raffle entry.

Week of April 3

Rectangle Lines

Limiting Oxygen In Combustion

Surface Area and Combustion


Week of March 27

Grid Travel Distance

Light Travels Straight Lines

Week of March 20

Bubble Maker

Internal Reflections

Week of March 13

3X3 Grid

Penny in a Balloon

STEM Card Challenge

Week of March 6

Baking Soda and Vinegar



Water Rocket

Week of February 27

3 Line Intersections

Bernoillis Magnus Effect Glider

Week of February 20

Rice Friction


Week of February 13

Rocket Balloons

Bending Water

32 oz Into 1 oz Cups

Week of February 6

Coral Science

Count by 123

Bernoulli's Principle

Attached Books

Week of January 30

Math Riddle



Pepper Dispersion

Week of January 16

Math Number Pattern

Math Cubes to Squares

Paper Bridge Challenge



Arrow Changes Direction

Week of January 9

Math Repeated Addition

Water Tension

Density Stacker

Floating Paper Clip Surface Tension

Week of January 2

Math Place Value Rounding

Splash of Colors

Air Pressure

Week of December 26

Triangle Types

Melting Ice

Lava Lamp

Dollar Bill Inertia

Week of December 19

Mixing Colors


Kraft Stick Kazoo

Math Riddle: Four Friends

Air Pressure: Crushed Soda Can 

Challenge Questions

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