Walder Science

About Walder Science

Study, research and scholarship are among the hallmarks of Judaism. Throughout history, Jews have contributed at the forefront of scientific discovery and innovation.

Our Mission

Providing educational science enrichment via the prism of Jewish values.


Since its foundation in 2000,¬†Walder Science has been committed to providing informal opportunities for the Chicago Jewish community, and beyond, to study and research a variety of scientific disciplines. Targeted mainly toward school-aged (K – College) constituents, Walder Science initiates innovative science programs designed to be experiential and explorative. We urge young scientists to participate in exhibits, demonstrations, competitions, forums, and work in both a collaborative and individual settings. Our main goal is to pique the participants’ curiosity and scientific interests by designing engaging projects and allowing the students to work at their own pace. This allows the young researcher to arrive at and take ownership of his or her own discoveries.

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